Hi, I'm Alex! An animal lover, traveler, and artist. I like the classic feel of film photography.

Alex is a wedding and portrait photographer based in Washington DC. She creates classic and timeless images that feel effortless. Her work is influenced by her many family photo albums like her grandmother's wedding album. Alex is inspired by the love and genuine moments that are shared between loved ones. 


Celebrate the moments that make you feel alive. I think your photos deserve to be timeless.

Throughout her photography career she has developed a distinct photographic style and has learned how to make her clients feel comfortable in front of the camera. Her approachable and relaxed demeanor translate into authentic and emotive images. 

Quick Facts

for the skimmers

I'd rather be

On a Beach

dream vacation

Bora Bora

favorite ice-cream

Cookie Dough

Drink of choice

Moscow Mule

favorite show

90 Day Fiance


Rihanna (girl crush).

guilty pleasure

Ice Cream

take my money


secret talent


listening to

Amy Winehouse


DIY ing

weekend plans

Working Out


Mad Men


Clooney, always

secret talent


listening to

John Legend

guilty pleasure

Expensive Shoes

take my money



Fantasy Football

weekend plans


a few more things you should know: 

Dudley is my 6 year old Cavapoo who loves to go location scouting with me. He is the best editing partner and assistant. 

This is my dog! He’s my ride or die.

When I started photography I photographed a lot of concerts and festivals. I even photographed a Chris Brown Concert.

I am also a concert photographer.

no 2

I love to travel! Especially warm tropical places where there is sand and ocean. It's where I feel the most relaxed.

I'm obsessed with palm trees.

No 1

no 3

Your photos do not belong on your phone.

 I believe

I've heard too many stories about invaluable memories lost on phones or computers. If you want to save your memories for a lifetime I believe printing your photos gives long lasting joy.

Your photos will be seen by future generations.

Live in the moment but always take a moment to document life. Leave memories and history for the many generations after you.

 I believe